Current Activities

From 2023, Department of Philosophical and Historical Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pedagogical Scientific Committee, member

From 2023, head of the Let's Teach for Hungary Professional Workshop

From 2023, Member of the International Association for Intercultural Education 

From 2022, member of the Teacher Education Subcommittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

From 2022. Vice president of the Association of Teacher Trainers 

2020-2021: Head of the Eszterházy Branch of the Hungarian Pedagogical Association (MPT)

From 2020: co-chairman of the MRK Teacher Training Committee

From 2020: Vice-Chairman of the research group of the Miskolc Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences "Focus Regional Research Focus Theme 2020-2023"

From 2019, American Educational Research Association – member

From 2020: Member of the working group formed under the leadership of MRK PKB, working on methodological proposals for a new approach to the undivided teaching profession

From 2018: Member of committee of Új Pedagógia Szemle professional journal

2018-2022: Member of the Antisegregation Works Committee of the Mezőkövesd school district

From 2018: Chairman of the Committee for Educational Sciences of Miskolc Academic Committee of Hungarian Scientific Academy (MTA)

From 2017: Member of the Committee for Educational Sciences within the Committee for Educational Sciences of Miskolc Academic Committee, MTA

From 2016: Member of the Hungarian Digital Education Association

From 2015: Member of Mathematical Public Education Working Committee, MTA

2014-2018: Member of the Anti-segregation Round Table of Ministry of Human Resources

From 2011: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Association of Hungarian Talent Support OrganizationsFrom

2011: Member of Hungarian Research Teachers’ Association

From 2007: Member of the Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Member of the Subcommittee on Educational Sociology of the Pedagogical Committee of MTA

From 2001: Professional leader of the Complex Instruction Program Association (