Current Activities

From 2022. Vice president of the Association of Teacher Trainers 

2020-2021: Head of the Eszterházy Branch of the Hungarian Pedagogical Association (MPT)

From 2020: co-chairman of the MRK Teacher Training Committee

From 2020: Vice-Chairman of the research group of the Miskolc Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences "Focus Regional Research Focus Theme 2020-2023"

From 2019, American Educational Research Association – member

From 2020: Member of the working group formed under the leadership of MRK PKB, working on methodological proposals for a new approach to the undivided teaching profession

From 2018: Member of committee of Új Pedagógia Szemle professional journal

2018-2022: Member of the Antisegregation Works Committee of the Mezőkövesd school district

From 2018: Chairman of the Committee for Educational Sciences of Miskolc Academic Committee of Hungarian Scientific Academy (MTA)

From 2017: Member of the Committee for Educational Sciences within the Committee for Educational Sciences of Miskolc Academic Committee, MTA

From 2016: Member of the Hungarian Digital Education Association

From 2015: Member of Mathematical Public Education Working Committee, MTA

2014-2018: Member of the Anti-segregation Round Table of Ministry of Human Resources

From 2011: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Association of Hungarian Talent Support OrganizationsFrom

2011: Member of Hungarian Research Teachers’ Association

From 2007: Member of the Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Member of the Subcommittee on Educational Sociology of the Pedagogical Committee of MTA

From 2001: Professional leader of the Complex Instruction Program Association (